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Prince Philipp zu Eulemburg-Hertefeld
(1847 - 1921) Germany

Philipp Eulenburg



Prince Phlilipp zu Eulemburg, born at Könisberg, was a close friend of Kaiser Willhelm II, from before he became emperor, althought the Kaiser was twelve years younger. Eulemburg entered the diplomatic service in 1877, becoming Prussia's envoy to Bavaria and, subsequently, Germany's amabassador to Vienna.

Eulemburg had many talents, he composed songs and plays, sang and played the piano, wrote poetry, novels, plays... all very agreable but superficial. He was an aristocrat, witty and amusing, adaptable and more disingenuous than was necessary; he was tall and handsome, with magnetic eyes. His deportment was sinuous and ingratiating...

Prince Eulemburg was not homosexual in the narrower sense of the term, cewrtainly homoerotically inclined and therefore since he was also drawn towards women - he was a bisexual. By the way, he was making love with General Count Kuno von Moltke, the Military commander of Berlin.

In 1907 he was publicly accused of "sexual perversion" including details of lieaisons with labourers and a fisherman dating from the 1880s. Eulemburg declared he was free of guilt, even if he did not directly deny the accusations. Friends counselled Eulemburg to commit suicide rather than face trial, a suggestion he refused. The trial that followed was suspended, for the impossibility to find proofs to confirm the accusation, but the friendship between Eulemburg and the Kaiser came to a sudden end.


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