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Euryalus & Nisus
(myth) Greece

Euryalus & Nisus



Euryalus and Nisus, lovers and warriors in the army of Aeneas attacked by night the Rutulian camp and caused a great carnage, as the enemy was sleeping after heavy drinking. But on their return they were discovered by a cavalry force of three hundred men, and their commander Volcens killed Euryalus. Nisus died after killing Volcens.

"These had one heart between them"

Euryalus and "his heart's love" Nisus, appear only in Virgil's Aeneid, firstly as friends in a footrace, leaders amongst all the contestants: "Euryalus famed for beauty and fresh youth, Nisus for the fair love he bore the boy." Euryalus was modelled on Virgil's own Alexis:

"... no comelier youth
Clave to Aeneus, or donned Trojan arms -
Whose smooth boy-face
showed faint the budding man."
Euryalus & Nisus
Created by artist Malcolm Lidbury for 2016 LGBT History & Art Project Cornwall UK


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