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Dennis Findlay
(1947 - living) Canada

Dennis Findlay

Activist and baker


Dennis Findlay was born on a Saskatchewan farm. He is a teacher and gay activist from the early 1970s who lived in a commune, and became a self-taught baker. He is a long-time gay activist in Ontario, particularly in Toronto. Dennis' first venture into gay activism began when he was in Grade 10 and dated a classmate. That was in the early '60s when coming out was a bold enough political move.

Since then, Findlay, a retired Toronto baker, has lived through the 1969 Stonewall riots in New York that sparked the gay rights movement, the 1981 bath house raids in Toronto, the AIDS crisis of the '80s and '90s, and Canada's legalization of gay marriage in 2005.

He was a leader in the response to the 1981 Bathhouse Raids and Coordinated the Legal Defense Committee of the Right to Privacy Committee, which is featured in the documentary film, Track Two. He is a former teacher, a retired baker, and an urban development activist with a passion for LGBTQ+ history and heritage. He has been a volunteer at the CLGA (The Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives) since 2009. In 2017-2018 he has been the President of the Board of Directors of CLGA.

Dennis was at the forefront of the protests against the bath house raids by police on Feb. 5, 1981, a turning point in Canadian gay history. "Our young people become aware of their sexuality at a younger age," said Dennis, who helped some 300 people arrested and charged during the raids. "They grow up in acceptance and live it. When they experience something not right, they take action."


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