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Timothy Irving Frederick Findley
(October 30, 1930 - June 21, 2002) Canada

Timothy Findley

Writer, playwright, actor


Born in the fashionable Rosedale district of Toronto, into a middle-class family of Anglo-Irish origins. As a young man, he knew that he wanted to be an artist. Despite his family's misgivings, he began to study dance and later, with considerable success, acting.

In 1962, Timothy went to work at The Red Barn Theatre where he met Bill Whitehead. Timothy's brief marriage had ended some time before then. He went, in the same year, to live as a writer in Ontario with his long-term companion William Whitehead. This professional-personal relationship has continued to thrive for 38 years.

Timothy has been very active in the Canadian writing community; he helped to found the Writers' Union of Canada and has served as its chairperson. He has also been President of the Canadian chapter of P.E.N. International. Timothy was an Officer of the Order of Canada, and in France, A Chevalier De L'Ordre Des Arts Et Des Lettres.

In his writing Timothy tends not to address homosexuality but engages with questions of masculinity and the tensions of being an outsider. He did not want to write for a gay audience exclusively, though he acknowledges his own homosexuality. Timothy and William divided their time between southern France and Stratford, Ontario. Timothy died in hospital near his home in the south of France of complications resulting from a pelvic fracture.


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His work include:

  • The Last of the Crazy People (1967)
  • The Butterfly Plague (1969)
  • Can You See Me Yet? (1974)
  • The Wars (1977)
  • John A. -- Himself! (1979)
  • Famous Last Words (1981)
  • Stones (1988)
  • Dinner along the Amazon (1985)
  • Inside Memory: Pages from a Writer's Workbook (1990)
  • The Stillborn Lover (1993)
  • Dust to Dust (1997)
  • Pilgrim (1999)
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