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Arthur J. Finkelstein
(May 18, 1945 - living) U.S.A.

Arthur J. Finkelstein

Political consultant


American-Jewish Mr. Finkelstein keeps a very low profile, but he is well-known within the U.S. Republican Party for using a heavy rotation of harshly negative, attacking TV commercials about the "liberal" opponents to the Republicans he has designed campaigns for, including the four homophobic senators Jesse Helms, Launch Faircloth, Bob Smith, and Don Nickles.

He has also worked for Senator Alfonse D'Amato of New York, who is a supporter of gay rights, as well as Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel:

"Arthur Finkelstein, a lesser known but very effective Republican consultant, was also the target of unwanted attention. Last year, Boston magazine outed him as a gay man and justified its prying based on the fact that Mr. Finkelstein had worked for some of the most anti-gay-rights politicians in the country. In the media's eyes this made Finkelstein's private life fair game."

In his Massachusetts mansion, he lives with his long-time partner and their two adopted children.


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