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William Finn
(February 28, 1952 - living) U.S.A.

William Finn

Playwright, actor, composer


Tony-winning Broadway actor best known for his Falsettos.

In 1979, William Finn began his very successful "Falsettos Trilogy" with In Trousers, a story about a confused bisexual, Marvin, who has a wife, Trina, and son named Jason. Through the play he works his way through much anguish, and finally leaves them to be with another man, Whizzer.

The story continues with March of the Falsettos in 1981 with Marvin wanting to be with his lover, Whizzer, and not wanting to lose his family. He ends up losing everyone, complicated by his psychiatrist, Mendel, eventually marrying Trina. Much of the story is of his son, Jason, dealing with having a gay father.

And finally, in Falsettoland (1990) Marvin's son Jason is ready to be bar mitzvahed, and Marvin learns that his lover has come down with what the audience knows is AIDS. As Whizzer dies, Marvin fights with all he's been through to that he has a family after all, as they rally around him.


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