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John Wesley Fletcher
(1941 - 1996?) U.S.A.


Evangelist and faith healer


Bisexual evangelist, John Wesley Fletcher was born in North Carolina. He was an associate pastor of a church called Soul's Harbor in Toledo, OH, back in the early 1970s. John Wesley Fletcher was a flamboyant minister who would usually stretch his sermons into at least 2 hours long. He finally took to wearing a black robe and had a black cross installed in the church during his last days there. His actions became very strange. People started wondering if he was on drugs or mixed up in witchcraft.

He worked for Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker's "Praise The Lord" (PTL) ministry. In 1980, Wesley arranged Jim Bakker's one-night stand with church secretary Jessica Hahn, and in the resulting scandal the Bakkers lost their ministry. Fletcher stated that he had also had a sexual relationship with Jim Bakker:

"Bakker denied these reports. 'I am not a homosexual,' he said at a news conference. But the next year the charges were back in the press, as former evangelist and fundraiser John Wesley Fletcher described past sexual escapades with Bakker in Penthouse magazine."

John Wesley Fletcher was once caught giving oral sex to a man in a room in the Bakker's mansion. Jim Bakker too may have been involved in this rampant homosexuality. Austin Miles reported seeing Bakker with three of his male staff naked in the steam room of his mansion, they were, according to Miles "playing with and massaging each other."

Fletcher left Toledo and the congregation never heard what became of him until Tammy Faye did a TV interview and announced that "poor John Wesley" had died of Aids related illness.


Source: Austin Miles, Don't Call Me Brother and others

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