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Marcia Freedman
(1938 - living) U.S.A. - Israel

Marcia Freedman

Peace and women's activist


Author and pioneering peace and women's activist, she was co-founder of Israel's first battered women's shelter in 1977. The existence of support systems and shelters to provide assistance to women surviving sexual abuse and violence is important, not only for the help they provide to individual women, but also because their existence makes it impossible for the "problem" to disappear from public view.

Marcia Freedman is a former Member of Knesset (Israel Parliament). Currently, she divides her time between Jerusalem and Berkeley, and is actively involved with Kol Ha-Isha, the Jerusalem Women's Center, as well as the peace and gay rights movements.

Marcia Freedman's message is: You can be pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian, anti-occupation and anti-terrorism. It's a rare message these days. After two-plus years of escalating violence between Israel and Palestinians, the debate is so polarized that it's scarcely a debate at all. Freedman hopes to change that through an American-Jewish organization, Brit Tzedek v'Shalom. Founded eight months ago, Brit Tzedek is small but fast-growing, according to Freedman.


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