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Patrick Gale
(1962 - living) U.K.

Patrick Gale



Born on the Isle of Wight, his mother Pippa Gale was born and bred in prisons. His father, Michael Gale, was a prison governor, and so the family lived around prisons, including Camp Hill on the Isle of Wight, Wormwood Scrubs, and Wandsworth. He had a sister Catharine, and two brothers Jonathan and Matthew. Matthew died in 1983 aged 25.

When aged eight Patrick Gale was sent with a scholarship to Pilgrims, the choir school for Winchester Cathedral and College. He then went to university at Oxford where he was a quirister in the cathedral choir. From 1979 to 1985 he had various jobs including waiter, cook, typist, a bone sorter for an archaeological team, and a singer with the London Philharmonic Choir.

After a few years of writing novels he began to broaden his writing to include magazine and newspaper articles. He became a book reviewer for The Daily Telegraph. He has also reviewed books for other publications. He set up home in north Cornwall with his partner Aiden Hicks.

Patrick Gale is an elegant and witty writer with an engagingly bizarre imagination. Gale's wonderful novels are rife with coincidence, charm and unrelenting humanity.


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His work include:

  • The Aerodynamics of Pork (1985)
  • Ease (1985)
  • Kansas in August (1987)
  • Facing the Tank (1988)
  • Little Bits of Baby (1989)
  • The Road to You (1989)
  • The Cat Sanctuary (1990)
  • Secret Lives (1993)
  • Wig (1995)
  • The Facts of Life (1996)
  • Dangerous Pleasures (1996)
  • Cookery (1997)
  • The Scarlet Boy (1998)
  • Tree Surgery for Beginners (1999)
  • Outlines: Armistead Maupin (1999)
  • Rough Music (2000)
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