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Paul Gallant
(? - living) Canada

Paul Gallant

Features editor


Paul Gallant is a Toronto-based writer and editor who writes about travel, innovation, city building, social issues (particularly LGBT issues) and business for a variety of national and international publications. He’s done time as lead editor at the loop magazine in Vancouver as well as Xtra! and fab in Toronto, and is currently development editor at Yongestreetmedia.ca.

"If, for a moment, I might directly address certain single gay men seeking long-term relationships... Stop looking for a boyfriend. Boyfriends pop up in the oddest places: a friend's party, an art gallery opening, the subway late at night, a drag show. But the scent of desperation scares many potential Mr. Rights away. Go out and meet lots and lots of people; one might turn out to be quite comfy. If not, you didn't have a bad time along the way."

"By equating marriage with social approval, a deeper truth has been clouded: That gay men and lesbians don't need the permission of governments, churches or other institutions to be human and to demonstrate our value."


Source: Gallant, P. 'Too many rules', Xtra! Jun 28 2001

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