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Steve Gately
(March 17, 1976 - October 10, 2009) Ireland

Steve Gately

Pop singer-songwriter, actor, dancer, author


Steve GatelyBorn Stephen Patrick David Gately on St. Patrick's Day in Dublin he began modelling and acting when 16 y. o. and had small parts in two films: In The Name Of The Father, and The Commitments.

Stephen's vocal talents came to light after he was well received at a Butlin's karaoke event. Later, when he heard rumours that an Irish Boy Band had a vacancy for a singer and he didn't know how or where to approach them, he telephoned an Irish newspaper, "The Star", for help and luckily spoke to a journalist who was able to assist him.

Steve GatelyStephen joined "Boyzone" in 1993, after four auditions. As well as performing with the band, he has recorded "Shooting Star" for Disney's "Hercules", and "No Matter What" for Andrew Lloyd Webber. He has a love of all things "Disney" and can often be found involved in various programmes on the "Disney" Channel.

On June 15, 1999, after discovering that someone was trying to sell his story to newspapers, Stephen publicly declared that he was gay. After his coming out Stephen received many messages of support, for instance by Zoe Ball, Posh Spice, and the Backstreet Boys! Stephen was chosen hero of the year 1999 by the readers of Smash Hits!

His boyfriend, with whom he lived in Amsterdam, was Eloy de Jong, himself a former member of the Dutch boy-band "Caught In The Act". They have known each other for over four years, and, it was rumoured, they were planning to adopt a child, but in 2002 Stephen and Eloy broke up their relationship.

Steve GatelySteve Gately

Gately wed Andrew Cowles, first in a commitment ceremony in Las Vegas in 2003 and more formally in a civil partnership ceremony in London in 2006. Gately featured as part of the first gay couple in his band's music video in what was to be his last with the band, for the song "Better". Gately died in a flat that he and Cowles owned in Majorca, Spain, on 10 October 2009. Brian Boyd in The Irish Times stated: "Stephen Gately's death represents the first time that the boyband genre has had to deal with such a tragic situation". Tim Teeman of The Times (UK) heralded Gately as a hero of gay rights for his response to being "smoked out of the closet".

Steve Gately
Andrew Cowles and Steve Gately


Steve GatelyHits:
with Boyzone:

  • Love me for a reason (1995)
  • Key to my life (1995)
  • So good(1995)
  • Father and son (1996)
  • Coming home now (1996)
  • Words (1996)
  • A different beat (1997)
  • Isn't it a wonder(1997)
  • Picture of you (1997)
  • No matter what
  • New beginning (2000)
CDs: with Boyzone:
  • Said and done (1995)
  • A different beat (1996)
  • By request (best of) (1999)
  • New Beginning (the debut solo album, 2000)



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