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Klaus Gerhart Pohlmann
(1965 - living) U.S.A.

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Photographer of erotic male nude


Born Klaus Gerhart Pohlmann in Iowa, Gerhart grew up there before moving to Chicago in 1992. He built a photography studio there, but moved to Los Angeles in 1994. He founded Pohlmann Press that same year, and began publishing the work of photographers of the male nude. Among the works the press carried were his own. Pohlmann Press quickly became one of the largest American publishers of nude male photography.

Pohlmann Press also handled American subscriptions to (not only) blue magazine, an upscale Australian bimonthly magazine of photography which also featured male nudes and semi-nudes. Klaus Gerhart clearly positions his models as homosexuals (naked, sexual homosexuals at that).

In 1995, Gerhart created the Naked Gallery - an art gallery but also a publisher of a catalog that specializes in the works of Pohlmann Press, artistic male and female nude imagery, books, calendars, lithographs, and original signed limited edition photographic prints.

Between 1995 and 1998, Gerhart published two books: Embracing Men and Men Two. Both books contained about 100 photographs, indicating a very busy photographic schedule. In 1997, Gerhart published Naked Angels. The book was extremely well-received, and its cover image of a nude man's back and buttocks as he appears to dive off a rocky cliff became iconic. The following year, the German publisher Bruno Gmunder issued a pocket-sized, hardcover collection of Gerhart's works titled Edition Euros 13. The same year, Gerhart published Handsome Devils.

But as Pohlmann Press expanded, Klaus Gerhart found less time for photography. Two years passed before Body Conscious (in 2000) was published. Echo followed a year later. Gerhart has not published any works since 2001. Pohlmann Press ceased publishing in 2001 as well.

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