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Jason Emanuel Gould
(December 29, 1966 - living) U.S.A.

Jason Gould & Barbra Streisand

Actor, Director, Writer, Producer


Jason was born in Manhattan Beach, New York. He is the son of singer/actress Barbra Streisand and actor Elliott Gould, who divorced 9 July 1971. Jason spent his formative years around major Hollywood players in Los Angeles, California.

Jason has appeared in Say Anything and the Streisand-directed film The Prince of Tides, but has since rarely appeared in front of the camera. He was outed as gay around 1991 in tabloid newspapers, and since then has never hid the fact that he is gay.

In an interview with The Advocate published August 17, 1999, Barbra Streisand said:

"I would never wish for my son to be anything but what he is. He is bright, kind, sensitive, caring, and a very conscientious and good person. Jason GouldHe is a very gifted actor and filmmaker. What more could a parent ask for in their child? I have been truly blessed. Most parents feel that their child is particularly special, and I am no different. I have a wonderful son. My only wish for my son, Jason, is that he continues to experience a rich life of love, happiness, joy, and fulfillment, both creatively and personally.

"Nobody on this earth has the right to tell anyone that their love for another human being is morally wrong. I will never forget how it made me shudder to hear Pat Buchanan say that he stood 'with George Bush against the immoral idea that gay and lesbian couples should have the same standing in law as married men and women.' Who is Pat Buchanan to pronounce anyone's love invalid? How can he deny the profound love felt by one human being for another? ... Unfortunately, however, as long as people like Newt Gingrich and Pat Buchanan continue in public life, the fight to codify gay marriages will be a tough battle to win."

In 1997 Jason wrote, produced and directed the short film Inside Out, playing Aaron in the humorous story of the child of two celebrities who is outed by the tabloids. His real life father (Elliott Gould) also played his father in the short film. The short was later combined with other features for Boys Life 3.

Jason has been diagnosed HIV positive after being admitted to hospital in Los Angeles with chicken pox. He has never hidden his homosexuality.



  • Up the Sandbox (1972)
  • Say Anything... (1989)
  • Listen to Me (1989)
  • The big picture (1989)
  • The Prince of Tides (1991)
  • Inside out (1997)
  • Subterfuge (1998)
  • Boys Life 3 (2000)
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