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Jacob Israël de Haan
(December 31, 1881 - June 30, 1924) Holland

Jacob Haan

Writer, journalist, schoolteacher, novelist, and poet


Born in Smilde to a rabbi. When his first book was published he lost his job as a teacher. This autobiographic book Pijpelijntjes tells about de Haan's relationship with Arnold Aletrino, who helped him to come out as homosexual. Aletrino ("Sam" in the book) bought - together with de Haan's fiancee Johanna van Maarseveen - almost all copies of the first print of the book and destroyed them.Jacob Haan

In 1919 de Haan emigrated to Palestine, where he had relationships with Arab and Jewish boys, and began to dissociate publicly from the Zionist cause. He received death threats and he was assassinates in 1924, being shot by Zionists.

After his death it was suggested that he had been killed by Arabs because of his relationships with Arab boys. A line of his poetry (aan ene jonge visser = for a young fischerman), naar vriendschap zulk een mateloos verlangen (such an endless desire for friendship), decorates the Homomonument in Amsterdam.



  • Pijpelijntjes (1904)
  • Kanalje, Pathologieen (1908)
  • Het Joodsche lied (1915)
  • Het Joodsche lied deel 2 (1921)
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