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John Hamill
(May 3, 1947 - living) U.K.

John Hamill

Bodybuilder, model, actor


John HamillJohn Hamill was born in Shepherd's Bush, London. He is an actor. He had previously been a bodybuilder and one of England's most popular "physique models" in the late 1960s before turning to acting, studying at the Webber Douglas Academy, and appearing in the stage farce There's a Girl in My Soup.

Hamill's background as a physiques model, which included cover appearances on several beefcake publications and the occasional 8 mm "posing strap" film, earned him a considerable gay following, which is still visible on the internet today. It would also prove good training for his later nude appearances in David Grant's sex films and nudity ridden horror titles like Tower of Evil, in which Hamill's role in synopsized by The Bare Facts Video Guide as "Buns, walking with Penny, then more buns, rolling into the water, dead".

Hamill was a particular favorite of the bi-sexual David Grant, who cast him as "Alan Street" in a series of British sex films that were built around and greatly indebted to Hamill's authentic nice guy persona.

John HamillGrant's "Alan Street trilogy" includes: The Over Amorous Artist (1974), Girls Come First (1975) and Under the Bed (1977). Grant also filmed hardcore versions of these films for overseas release, but as these versions have never resurfaced it is unclear whether Hamill participated in the more explicit material.

In 1975, Hamill attempted to direct, star in and produce a sex film called Doing the Best I Can. An ill-fated production that was documented by the BBC's Man Alive programme in an episode focusing on the British sex and horror film industry. The programme reveals Hamill had sank twenty thousand pounds of his own money into the production and was using his own house for the shoot.

John HamillHamill is seen rehearsing a scene in which his character "Pierre" arrives at a housewife's backdoor and remarks in a comedy French accent "ah bonjour it is a lovely morning for cleaning windows".

Doing the Best I Can's leading lady is revealed to be Hamill's finance, a Dutch window dresser turned reluctant actress called Trudy, who when asked if she wishes to continue as an actress beyond the film, bluntly replies "ve got no intention of being somebody". Hamill talks about how he hopes the film will lead to him directing more profound work, ultimately Hamill's money ran out and Doing the Best I Can was never finished.

He left acting in the late eighties and went on to run a Pine Furnisher shop, his last known TV appearance was in an episode of The Bill in 1989. Hamill's verdict was "The sex movies ruined my career. But you know how it is, I was out of work, the birds were smashing, and I've always been a born flasher".

John Hamill


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