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Alexander Hamilton
(January 11, 1755 or 1757 - July 12, 1804) U.S.A.

Alexander Hamilton

Politician and political theorist


Alexander HamiltonHamilton, born of Scottish descent in the island of Nevis, West Indies, he moved to Ste Croix when a young boy. His father was a Scott and his Grandfather was in fact the Laird of Hamilton, a nobleman but his mother was French and likely Afro-Caribbean. Hamilton served during the War of Indipendence as captain and from 1777 to 1781 was Washington's secretary and aide-de-camp during the Revolutionary War. After the war he practised as a lawyer. He was a member of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, and in the Federalist influenced public opinion in favour of the ratification of a constitution with a strong central government.

As first Secretary of the Treasury (1789-95), he proved an able controller of the national finances. He led the Federal Party, and incurred the bitter hatred of Aaron Burr when he cast the deciding vote against Burr and in favour of Jefferson for the presidency in 1801. Eventually he fought a duel with Burr, was wounded, and died the next day.

Alexander HamiltonAlthought Hamilton married and fathered nine children, and the first US politician involved in a sex scandal with a married woman, he is rumored to have been more than just an aid-de camp to George Washington; and it seems that he had a very close relationship with a certain John Laurens, another aid of Washington.

He wrote love letters to Laurens, saying in one,

"I wish, my dear Laurens, it might be in my power, by action rather than words, [to] convince you that I love you."
Alexander Hamilton and John Laurens compared each other to Damon and Pythias...


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