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Sighsten (Sixten) Herrgård
(8 January 1943 - 20 November 1989) Finland - Sweden


Fashion designer

Roar Brynjulfsson Klingenberg

(22 November 1941 - 21 September 1984) Sweden




Sighsten Herrgård was born in Helsinki. Sighsten name was Sixten, but to modernize his name, he chose to spell it in a different way. He was a fashion designer and major trendsetter in Stockholm. Herrgård was the first Swedish celebrity with AIDS to go public about it, "giving AIDS a face".

Sighsten Herrgård received his fashion education at Beckmans School of Design in Stockholm and at the pattern development academies in Stockholm and Copenhagen. His career took off in 1966 when he won the Courtauld International Design Competition with a collection of unisex clothing.

In the 1970s Herrgård established internationally in Paris and North America; he also started a company in Stockholm and worked with television, magazines and shows. He became involved with TV, radio, shows and events, and made his name as a producer and host.

From the mid -70s Sixten managed the Stockholmsgruppen, at the time a well-known modeling agency, and he retained the role until his health began to fail.

coupleOn 29 July 1987 Herrgård held a press conference, stating that "I'm going to die. I have AIDS. I may only have months left, but I want to die with dignity". His partner Roar Klingenberg, the first AIDS patient diagnosed in Sweden, had already died 3 years before.

Roar Klingenberg worked as a waiter and host on the newly opened Café Opera, and had previously worked at well renowned Grand Hôtel, Waldorf Astoria in New York.

During the 70s he was the boyfriend of party planner and designer Sighsten Herrgårds. In October 1982, when Roar went at the Roslagstulls hospital, he was received by the doctors Linda Morfeldt and Pehr Olof Pehrson.

In the late 70s they specialized in tropical bowel diseases, and they knew the symptoms of AIDS from U.S. medical journals. Already in the first journal entry they wrote "probably AIDS." It turned out after sampling to be accurate.

Sweden had its first case. Klingenberg was the first Swedish patient to be diagnosed with AIDS, even though he was not the first to die due to it. Roar died at Roslagstulls hospital.

Sighsten Herrgård wrote his memoirs with Carl Otto Werkelid just before he died. Modern, he was also in many other areas: he launched unisex overalls and he was elected in 1969 one of the world's ten best-dressed men. Back in the late '60s, he was an internationally successful fashion designer.

The saddest thing in Herrgård's memoirs is the portrayal of Roar, the man who lived with Herrgård for a number of years. Roar, who was a monogamous type like Herrgård, was the one who first succumbed to the virus which eventually ended even Sighsten's life.


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