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Robert Hillsborough
(1945 - June 22, 1977) U.S.A.

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Victim of homophobia


Just after midnight on June 22, 1977, after a night out at the bars, thirty-three year-old Robert Hillsborough and his roommate, Jerry Taylor, left a late-night burger joint a few blocks from their apartment in San Francisco's Mission District. As they left, a group of men shouting anti-gay slurs accosted the pair.

Hillsborough and Taylor ran to Hillsborough's car and sped off, thinking that they had lost the attackers. In fact, another group of men followed the pair home, descending on Hillsborough and Taylor as they left their car. While Jerry Taylor, badly beaten, managed to escape, Robert Hillsborough was stabbed fifteen times by nineteen-year-old John Cordova, as Cordova yelled "faggot!" repeatedly.

Witnesses also reported that Cordova yelled, "This one's for Anita!", a reference to anti-LGBT activist Anita Bryant. Hillsborough died less than an hour after the attack. Days later, San Francisco celebrated the 1977 Gay Freedom Day Parade, the city's largest Pride event on record; participants turned the event into a memorial for Hillsborough, erecting a shrine at City Hall (see picture).


Cordova later was convicted of second-degree murder, and he received ten years in prison. At the trial, the judge denied a motion to introduce evidence illustrating that Cordova had sexual relationships with men in the months leading up to Hillsborough's murder.


Source: http://lgbt-history-archive.tumblr.com/post/

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