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Dan Ireland
(May 11, 1958 - living) Canada

Dan Ireland

Producer, director


Dan Ireland, born in Vancouver, began his career in 1975 as the co-founder/co-director of The Seattle International Film Festival where he was instrumental in helping launch the American careers of director Paul Verhoeven, and actors Rutger Hauer and Jeroen Krabbe.

Dan IrelandIn the 1980's, Ireland was the Owner/Operator of The Egyptian Theatre, the most successful independent theatre in the state of Washington. This theatre is still home to The Seattle International Film Festival, and holds the record for attendance and box-office grosses in the city of Seattle.

In 1993, Ireland moved to Senior Vice President of Production for Cineville, Inc., the ambitious new company responsible for producing the successful independent motion pictures.

For the past four years, Ireland worked with writer Michael Scott Myers, co-producer Benjamin Mouton, and actor/producer Vincent D'Onofrio. Since this collaboration, Ireland and D'Onofrio have formed a production company and plan to produce each others directorial projects.


His work include:

  • Red River (1948)
  • Passionada
  • Breakout (1975)
  • Local Hero (1983)
  • Salome's Last Dance (1988)
  • Mom and Dad Save the World (1992)
  • New Outer Limits: Sand King (1995)
  • The Whole Wide World (1996)
  • The Velocity of Gary (1998)
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