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Isaiah of Rhodes
(ca. 490 - 560) Greece

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In that year [AD 528] some of the bishops from various provinces were accused of living immorally in matters of the flesh and of homosexual practices. Amongst them was Isaiah, bishop of Rhodes, an ex praefectus vigilium at Constantinople, and likewise the bishop from Diospolis, in Thrace named Alexander.

In accordance with a sacred ordinance they were brought to Constantinople and were examined and condemned by Victor the city prefect, who punished them: he tortured Isaiah severely and exiled him and he amputated Alexander's genitals and paraded him around on a litter.

The Emperor [Justinian I] immediately decreed that those detected in pederasty should have their genitals amputated. At that time many homosexuals were arrested and died after having their genitals amputated. From then on there was fear amongst those afflicted with homosexual lust.


Source: John Malalas: On Isaiah of Rhodes and Alexander of Diospolis - from World History, 18:18

as translated in John Malalas, The Chronicle, trans. Elizabeth Jeffreys, Michael Jeffreys and Roger Scott, et al., (Melbourne: Australian Association for Byzantine Studies, 1986), p.253

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