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Ivan I Danilovich - Kalita
(1283 - 1344) Russia

Ivan I

Grand Prince of Vladimir and Moscow


Ivan was born in second half 1200 as second son of Daniil Aleksandrovich, Alexander Nevski's younger son, appanage prince of Moscow and his wife, whose name is not known. He married first Yelyena, and then Yul'yana.

He had eight children. Ivan's sons from first marriage were Semyeon Gordi, grand prince of Moscow; Daniil, crown prince of Moscow, who died about 1320; Ivan II, grand prince of Moscow; Andrei, appanage prince of Serpukhov. And he had daughters Maria, Yevdokia, Feodosia.

Ivan IFrom the second marriage he probably had one daughter. Ivan was prince of Moscow (1325-28) and grand prince of Moscow (1328-40) and grand prince of Vladimir (1331-40).

Ivan I, known as Ivan Kalita (= moneybag), was the second ruler of Moscow to serve as Grand Prince of Vladimir-Suzdal'. After the defection of Tver to Lithuania the Khan of the Golden Horde was forced to rely on Ivan as his preeminent Russian vassal. Ivan was the Mongol's leading tax collector and made himself and Moscow very wealthy by maintaining his loyalty to the Horde.

He used this wealth to give loans to neighbouring Russian principalities. These cities gradualy fell deeper and deeper into debt, a condition that would allow Ivan's successors to annex them. Ivan's greatest success, however, was convincing the Khan in Sarai that his son should succeed him as Grand Prince of Vladimir, from then on the important position always belonged to the ruling house of Moscow.


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