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Raimo Urmas Jääskeläinen
(1932 - 1992) Finland

Raimo Jääskeläinen

Makeup artist


(aka Monsieur Mosse). He was the first to openly announce his homosexuality in Finland. He came out in an interview he gave to a popular magazine in 1971, the same year homsexual acts were decriminalized in Finland for both women and men.

Having married early and become a father, Raimo decided to divorce after his boyfriend outed him to Raimo's wife and mother. His wife moved to Sweden, and the 25-year-old Raimo moved to live at his mothr's with his son. He worked as a make-up artist for the country's first commercial television channel in the mid-1950s. The new glamorous media soon created celebrities, and Raimo earned and enjoyed his share of the publicity as well.

In 1964 Raimo became "Monsieur Mosse" when he opened his own salon, which soon became the place to go for female celebrities or for those who wished to get a glimpse of the high life. Monsieur Mosse had a good eye for talented and beautiful women, and many of his discoveries went on to make careers in TV or in international modeling.

At the beginning of the 1970s, his business started to decline due to his financial ineptitude. It was then that he chose to take up an offer from the country's biggest gossip magazine, Hymn, to make his secret open to public knowledge by coming out in the May 1971 issue. He then traveled to Amsterdam to "marry" his young lover.

Despite - or perhaps because of - his coming out, Mosse lost his business, and by September 1972 he moved to Mallorca, living at his friend's home then in the US. He returned to Finland in 1982 and published his memoirs. He died from complications after a long overdue heart operation.


Source: excerpts from: Aldrich R. & Wotherspoon G., Who's Who in Contemporary Gay and Lesbian History, from WWII to Present Day, Routledge, London, 2001

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