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Roger Jacoby
(1944 - November 19, 1985) USA

Roger Jacoby



Roger Jacoby, originally a painter, began making experimental film in New York City in the 1970s. He began hand-processing films in his bathtub in the early 1970s - films marked by dramatic and gorgeous color, patterning, and texture. For both aesthetic and financial reasons he began to process his own film footage in the bathtub of his darkened bathroom.

Sarah Schulman writes, "Roger was a transitional figure in the history of gay experimental film, bridging from filmmakers who preceded gay liberation, like Kenneth Anger, Broughton, Warhol, George Kuchar, Gregory Markopoulos, and others, to younger makers ... whose entire worldview was forged by gay liberation".

After receiving an NEA grant in 1974 he was able to buy a simple processing machine. By maintaining control of the processing, and by using an "outdated" Auricon camera, Jacoby was able to weave texture, color and sound in a highly dramatic way. Many of his films contain the sounds of opera, images of family and often feature his lover of many years, Warhol superstar Ondine.

Roger JacobyHis early films do not deal directly with gay identity but parody and criticize heterosexuality, as in Dream Sphinx Opera , which features his then lover and collaborator Ondine, frolicking with Sally Dixon in an edenic Victorian garden.

Following his relationship with Ondine, Jacoby would advance his experiments with filmmaking and processing in partnership with Jim Hubbard. Jacoby died at the age of forty-one, early into the AIDS epidemic.

Weaving together diary footage he began filming in 1979, his final films, the ironically titled How to Be a Homosexual , Part I and Part II, mark a significant shift in his filmmaking, as Jacoby turns the camera increasingly on himself.

Roger Jacoby died at the age of 41.


Source: http://rhizome.org/

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