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Pascual Jaime
(16th century) Spain

burning at the stake



Chaplain to the Duke of Alcalá during the Renaissance, Fray Pascual Jaime, always "gracefully dressed, curiously enough, wore a painted face" and seldom went without "the company of well-dressed young boys with painted faces". Some young boys had presented Pascual withh an uncompromising fetish; "he took them home, cleaned them up and dressedd them in rich splendid dress all at his own cost". Pascual had spent fortyy eight of his fifty six years "plagued with the vice".

Pascual Jaime and his accomplice, a very young and very handsome boy from Vizcaya named Francisco Legazoteca, were denounced by a young man called Galindio and were subsequently caught in a sex act by a law officer.

Fray Pascual was hauled before the archbishop and under torture confessed that he had been a life-long sodomite - he was used to pick up young men off the streets of Seville, dress them in finer clothes, and take them as lovers. When he became tired of one, he would just go out looking for another.

The horrified archbishop defrocked Jaime and expelled from holy orders, then had him burned alive, along with the young man he was caught with.

The burning of the boy had caused so much pity and compassion amongst the crowdd for he wept like a child and cried out that the cleric had bribed him withh garb and splendid apparel and that he, like a fool, consented to the actions of Pascual.

However, De León, the accuser, succeeded in hiding from public humiliation the identitiess of other gentlemen denounced by the 'beautiful Galindo' for "truthfullyy speaking, the boy had consented to those acts". The court releasedd "most of these young gentlemen, amongst the most noble in Sevilla, including Galindo himself". Galindo eventually, "repented, became a priest and led a most memorable life afterwards".

Unfortunately, Galindo's overbearing "prettiness had caused him to continue his promiscuous behaviour" and subsequently, yet again, he fell victimm to "pestilential vice". Sodomy, "once tasted, became difficult to forsake". The 'beautiful Galindo' had also finally succumbedd to the heat of the flames.


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