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Tove Marika Jannson
(August 9, 1914 - June 27, 2001) Finland

Tove Jannson

Writer, cartoonist


Tove Jannson - MoominsTove Jannson grew up in Helsinki as the oldest child of artist Signe Hammarsten Jansson and sculptor Viktor Jansson.

In her auto-biographical novel "The Sculptor's Daughter" Tove recreates the both bourgeois and bohemian atmosphere of her secure yet adventurous childhood, which was so important for the books she was to write.

She studied to be an artist and illustrator, but at an early age she also turned to writing, and in the Moomin books she achieved a perfect balance between text and illustrations.

Tove Jannson - Moomins

The first Moomin book, The Little Trolls and the Great Flood (1945), is the story of Moominmamma and Moomintroll's search for Moominpappa. After many hardships and adventures the family is at last reunited in an idyllic valley. In the eight books that followed, from Comet in Moominland (1946) to Moominvalley in November (1970), the Moomin valley remains the centre of the family's life. Adventures, catastrophes and partings are recurring themes, but ultimately the family is always reunited and the idyll remains.

Tove Jannson - Moomins

Around this family in the valley, with Moominmamma as it's natural centre, a great variety of characters slowly gather: Snork Maiden and Sniff, Snufkin and Little My, fillyjonks, hattifatteners and hemulens, all with their own personality and philosophy of life. In this Moomin-world Tove Jansson has created an autonomous universe of her own, a world both enchanting and inspiring for young and old.

Tove Jannson - Moomins

Finn Family Moomintroll became Tove Janssons real breakthrough as an author of children's books. It was quickly translated into English and so began the international success of the Moomin books. They have now been translated into 34 languages.

The Moomin books have also been dramatized for different media: theatre, opera, film, radio and TV. The latest is the Japanese animated tv-series in 52 instalments.

Tove Jannson - Moomins

Tove Jansson has received much recognition for her work as an author: among others the the Nils Holgersson plaquette 1953, the Hans Christian Andersen medal 1966, the Mårbacka Prize 1977, the Prize of the Swedish Academy 1972, the Pro Finlandia medal 1976, The American-Scandinavian Foundations price 1996.

It has been an open secret that Jansson shares her life with Tuulikki Pietilä, also an artist. Tuulikki is also the model for the character Too-ticky in the book Moominland Midwinter. It was noted with some interest that Jansson took Pietilä as her escort to the Independence Day Ball at the Presidential Palace in 1992.


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