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Joan Jett-Blakk
(? - living) U.S.A.

Joan Jett-Blakk

Drag entertainer


Joan Jett-Blakk was born Terence Smith. Joan Jett-Blakk first stepped onto a stage in 1974 after falling madly in love with Andy Warhol, David Bowie, and all five of the New York Dolls. That stage just happened to be in the very high school Joan attended as a spokes-model for the Gay Liberation Front. Mixing art and politics became a way of life for him/her from that moment on.

She/he went on to work with luminescent talents such as Warhol collaborators Ron Tavel and John Calendo. In 1990, at the behest of Queer Nation, Joan ran for Mayor of Chicago against Richard J. Daley, and actually came in... well, she/he came in.

Joan also sought the highest office in the land, President of the United States in 1992, being the first person ever to announce their intention to run from the floor of the Democratic Convention.

After not winning, Joan ventured into more theatre (with the Pomo Afro Homos), and became the host of his/her very own live talk show Late Nite with Joan Jett-Blakk. Through that endevor, Joan got to work with the likes of renowned German film director, Rosa von Prunheim and San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown.

Joan Jett-BlakkJoan Jett-Blakk, was again candidate for President on the Blakk Pantsuit Party ticket in 1996. She/he claimed victory in the Iowa primary on Monday. Citing a large majority, consisting of those who did not vote or who were undecided, Jett-Blakk said that these results proved that politics as usual is a dying beast.

In an unusual move, Jett-Blakk has encouraged voters of both parties to vote for him/her by not voting. "This tactic was queerly successful in the Iowa primary, where I garnered over 440,000 non-votes. Dole only recieved 25,000 votes, and HE thinks he's on the road to return conservative common sense to the White House. As If! Dole won with just about 2% of all registered Republicans. What message does that send to Amerikkka?"

"My constituents were militant in their distain for politics as usual. We will not be dissed by Dole, bullied by Buchanan or financed by Forbes. We will not be railroaded into a so-called "conservative revolution" that includes denying health care to the poor, blaming queers for the breakdown of the family, teaching creationism in public schools, and blatant corporate welfare." Jett-Blakk told a campaign rally in Des Moines.

In a recent interview, he/she added, "I want to have the first political makeover in the history of the United States. The Blakk Pantsuit Party demands safe, legal abortions for every man, woman and child, switching the Education budget with the Defense budget, nationalizing radio, television and the print media and the decriminalization of marijuana and 'shrooms."

Of late, Joan has been writing for a variety of publications, speaking at various universities, and looking for a producer so she/he can move his/her talk show to the internet.


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