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Vinko Kalinic
(December 5, 1974 - living) Croatia

Vinko Kalinic

Poet, writer


Vinko Kalinic was raised on the island of Vis in an unconventional and liberal family. His mother was married three times and he grew up with two sisters and four brothers.

Kalinic, the first on the Hrvatsko Zvono party list of candidates in the third constituency, loves fishing, writes songs, is a former intelligence officer, a reporter by profession and first openly gay politician. His favourite colours are rainbow colours. In an open conversation with Javno, Kalinic said he was never romantically involved with a politician, as they are "whores".

He is not a typical gay. He spent three years in a seminary, a year with the Croatian Intelligence Service and it was only at 25 years of age that he discovered he was gay, but until then he was totally "straight".

One of the reasons he was running in the north Croatian region of Zagorje is his brief love affair with a man from Varazdin who got him 'head over heals' and because of whom he got to love Varazdin and the people of Zagorje. For him, the people from Varazdin are simple and liberal people who are not burdened by trivial issues.

However, his political activism is a very small part of his personal history. He is anyway very proud of that part of his activism, because he is one of the first GBLT activists in his country who came out, and spoke publicly about the problemsof the GBLT community.

His poetry is published at http://www.lepost.fr/article/2011/02/26/2417853_poetes-d-europe-vinko-kalinic-croatie.html

You can find his work also at the following addresses:


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