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Danielle Keefler
(1960 - 2002) Canada

Danielle Keefler

Journalist, and media consultant


Former assistant editor for Macleans magazine; former investigative reporter and host with the CBC evening news show 24 Hours, and news producer at CBC Manitoba; president of the Winnipeg chapter of the National Gay and Lesbian Journalists' Association (NGLJA) and a member of the Winnipeg Pride planning committee. Her lover was Kim Segal.

"When trying to cover issues affecting Manitoba's gay, lesbian and bisexual community, television reporters face perhaps the biggest hurdles: people so often refuse to be interviewed on-camera... As a lesbian, I understand the perils. As a journalist, I am hampered by people's silence.

The very silence that whispers discontent about images of gays and lesbians in mainstream journalism, about a lack of coverage of issues that affect their everyday lives. As television journalists, we cannot tell your stories if you're not willing to tell them... You may ask 'why are the images I so often see in television journalism not about me?... where am I?' Indeed. Where are you?"


Source: Photo: Swerve, April 2002

Quote: Keefler, D. "Silence Leaves Stories Untold", Swerve, Dec. 1995, p. 6

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