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Cole Kelly
(1873 - ?) U.S.A.

Cole Kelly



An incredible rare photograph postcard, 1891. The good looking boy captured in this image is one Cole Kelly, age 18 years. He was a "Working Boy" at one of the infamous male brothels, the " Little Bucks." The club was located in New York City. Situated on Fifth & Bowery, off of Cooper Square. One of three, "Male to Male" clubs that existed in NYC beginning in 1890. By the early 1900's the number of clubs had swelled to 6.

By the early 1900's the number of clubs had swelled to 6. Given the Victorian view of the time, when this sort of thing simply did not exist, business "Seemed to be Brisk". The clubs offered their own form of "Male Bonding" to the extreme. Cole was one of the most popular boys at the club, given the fact of some unique "Acuired Talents".

Each of the boys applying at the clubs were subjected to an "Intense Personal Interview" with the owner and if not available an assigned boy. If the boy passed his interview he would be hired on and given a copy of the rules of the club, a appointment schedule, and asked/or told to chooce a role or speciality in his activities their. The role of the "Man", of the "Lady", or a specialty. Photographs were required to be taken of the boy at several local "Cabinet Studios" - these taken to provide a longing for a return visit by a paying Gent. They were given to the man or young man if his spending habits warranted. if not were made available for purchase.

One the back of the card is the following information in faded pencil.... in the hand of Jacob Miller: Cole Kelly * Little Bucks Boy * 8 Inch & Thick W/ Big Stones ***


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