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(ca. 730 B.C.) Greece

Amphora Tirrenica

Beloved of Simias


"Krimon warms the heart of Simias"

This personal revelation is one of several lines of homosexual graffiti, dating back perhaps to the time of Homer, that constitute one of the earliest known uses of the greek alphabet.

Some twenty rock inscriptions made in what was then the brand new Greek alphabet have been found on the Greek island of Santorini (ancient Thera), indicating the presence of a large and exuberantly vocal community of homoerotically-inclined young men, who were participants in the worship of Apollo Karneios (Horned Apollo) some 2700 years ago.

A man named Simias outdoes the whole series with

"Krimon, number one at 'dirty-dancing', has melted Simias."

The Greek word qonialoi here translated as dirty-dancing, is more literally the satyr-like dance of men with full erections.

However this is not the last we hear of the randy young Krimon! On a nearby rock we find the inscription,

"By the Delphian god [i.e. Apollo], right here Krimon got fucked [oiphe], by the son of Bathukles, brother of..." (the rest broken off).

And again on another boulder:

"Here Krimon fucked Amotion".

On this same rock is a list of other ephebes that Krimon had sex with: Isokarthus, Pasiowhos, Euaiswros, Kresilas, and the incomplete name [---]deleos. Below this list is the incomplete inscription "Euponos fucked...."

Another boulder bears the lengthy inscription,

"Pheidipidas fucked Timagoras. Empheres and I got fucked too."

The "I" of this sentence is probably Enpulos who signed below this inscription with "Enpulos did this". Above his name, another young man has rather unkindly scratched the word pornos - whore! On the same rock another young man recorded,

"Enpedokles did this. And he danced for Apollo."


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