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Ashley Lagasse
(1984 - living) U.S.A.

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High School student


Nicole Salisbury and Ashley Lagasse, both 17, overwhelmingly led other couples when the yearbook staff conducted its annual "senior superlatives" survey in 2001. The couple received more than 77 percent of the vote of their fellow students in her Dover, New Hampshire.

But when Principal Robert Pedersen heard that most of the senior student body voted for the lesbian couple, he declared the vote invalid because "the ballot asked students to choose one male and one female."

Salisbury and Lagasse have been a couple for just over two years. Both said their classmates have been very supportive, telling them to "just keeping fighting."

The superintendent Armand LaSelva overruled the school principal and said that same-sex couples were eligible for the title, and said the original results will stand.


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