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Sandra Garner-Lahire
(November 19, 1950 - July 27, 2001) U.K.

Sandra Garner-Lahire

Film-maker, critic, and teacher


Born in Kenton, Middlesex, the first of three children, Lahire went to Windsor county grammar school, and briefly to a folk high school in Denmark where she studied Kierkegaard. She then went to Newcastle University where she studied philosophy and English.

She discovered her talent in film and video at St Martin's School of Art in London where she became involved in independent film work along with Malcolm LeGrice, Liz Rhodes, and Tina Keane. In her final year Lahire studied along with Isaac Julien. She went on to study for an MA in film at the Royal College of Art. For six years her film-making partner was Sarah Pucill.

Sandra Lahire's films have been shown in London at the National Film Theatre, the Barbican, Whitechapel Art Gallery, and the Lux cinema. They have also been shown in Paris, Berlin, Vienna, New York, the Philipines, and Australia. They have also been shown on television by Channel 4 and BBC 2.

In 1999 Sandra Lahire enrolled at Queen Mary College, University of London, to work on a PhD thesis with Jacqueline Rose on the relationship between the visual and verbal component of Sylvia Plath's poetry. Sandra Lahire died at the age of 50 after a long history of anorexia.


Source: excerpts from: The Knitting Circle, U.K. - http://www.sbu.ac.uk/stafflag/people.html

Her films include:

  • Arrows (1984)
  • Terminals (1986)
  • Edge (1986)
  • Plutonium Blonde (1986)
  • Uranium Hex (1987)
  • Serpent River (1989)
  • Lady Lazarus (1991)
  • Eerie (1992)
  • Night Dances (1995)
  • Persephone (1997-8)
  • Knife Born (1997-8)
  • Johnny Panic (1999)
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