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Manoly Lascaris
(August 5, 1912 - November 13, 2003) Greece - Australia

Manoly Lascaris

Lover of Patrick White


Emmanuel George "Manoly" Lascaris was the life partner of the Australian novelist and dramatist Patrick White. Lascaris met White while they both were servicemen in the Second World War. After the war, Lascaris and White lived together in Cairo, then moved to Sydney, Australia.

Lascaris was born in Cairo, the son of a wealthy Greco-Egyptian father from Smyrna in Asia Minor and an American mother. He was raised in Athens and Alexandria. In 1941 he joined the Greek Army in exile in Egypt and soon after, in Alexandria, met White who was then serving with the Royal Australian Air Force.

White and Lascaris lived together in Cairo for six years before moving to a small farm purchased by White at Castle Hill, in 1948. After the death of White's mother in 1963, they moved into a large house, Highbury, in Centennial Park, where they lived for the rest of their lives. Although it was widely known that they were lovers, such matters were not publicly discussed in Australia at that time.

After White's death in 1990, Lascaris was allowed, by the terms of the will, to stay in the house in Centennial Park and to receive income from White's share portfolio (after Lascaris died, these assets would be shared among four charitable causes.) Although Lascaris claimed that White left him nothing, he was well provided for. Lascaris lived alone there until his health failed in 2003. He then moved into a nursing home, Lulworth, which had been White's childhood home.

Manoly died at Lulworth, at the age of 91.


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