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Andy Lau Tak-wah
(September 27, 1961 - living) Hong Kong

Andy Lau



Andy Lau was born into a poor family in the New Territories, Hong Kong.

His acting career began in 1981 when he signed up for TVB and their Artiste Training Course. But he was only given minor roles in TV shows until 1982 when he Co-starred in "Boat People". After this, Andy starred in several hit movies among which "Eagle Hunter" and "Return of the Condors" could be mentioned.

Sensing that Andy was becoming a great sensation, during 1984 TVB offered Andy to sign a Five-year contract. Andy refused. Because of this, TVB denied him any further tv exposure for a full year. In 1986, Thanks to Chow Yun-fat, who recommended Andy for "Boat People" Andy stars in in several movies, like "Rich and Famous" "Tragic Hero"

Andy's singing career began in 1985 when he signed for Capital Records and did "I Only Know I Love You" that got a mild response from the audiences. It was not until 1990, when Andy's popularity as an actor had grown, that he started making an impact on the music scene. He started winning awards...

Despite being linked with a numbers of female celebrities over the years, there were constant rumors that Andy Lau is gay. He has recently denied such claims. Asked by an interviewer on Hong Kong's TVB station whether he's a homosexual, Lau said,

"I'm not, but if you say I am, I don't think it's a bad thing. Maybe my attitude has caused misunderstanding. I've never pronounced loudly I'm not gay, and I don't think there's the need to do so."


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