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Xiomara Laugart Sánchez
(1961 - living) Cuba

Xiomara Laugart

Singer, musician


Xiomara Laugart was born in Guantánamo, the most eastern province in Cuba. At the age of 15 she began her career. Soon thereafter, her voice was considered a true prodigy that allowed her to perform the most diverse genres. She performed several different expressions of traditional and contemporary Cuban music.

During the 1980s, she entered the “Adolfo Guzmán” Contest for Cuban music where she was granted the highest award. From that day on, she became one of the most brilliant representatives of Cuban song.

Xiomara had been performing at the largest of venues in Cuba for years, performing with the biggest talents around. Yet she longed for a deeper sense of artistic expression, which she found difficult to develop in the oppresive climate in Cuba. Her dream was to go to the United States and fill the creative void in her soul with her music, the best music she could make.

After having recorded self-titled albums in Cuba, she moved to Rome and later to New York. Xiomara is currently a vocalist in Yerba Buena, whose first album "President Alien" was nominated for a Grammy. The songs from this first album have been used in Pepsi commericals, and in movies, such as Havana Nights. Yerba Buena is celebrating the recent release of their second album "Island Life," which is a brilliant mix of rhythms to which Xiomara adds her African and Caribbean legacy.


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