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Axelle le Dauphin
(? - living) France

Axelle le Dauphin

Magazine editor


Saying they are marginalized by France's main gay magazine, Têtu, Axelle le Dauphin with a group of lesbians has launched their own publication, called Têtu, Madame.

In its first issue, Têtu, Madame said Tetu's claim to represent lesbians is a giant swindle. Têtu Editor Thomas Doustaly responded by calling Têtu, Madame's Axelle le Dauphin a "spiteful ... little madame."


We reecived the following e-mail:

I'd just check what you wrote about Axelle Le Dauphin and I. It's all wrong. The idea of a lesbian edition of Têtu was mine, and so was the decision to give Axelle the direction of it, because she was clearly the best. She gathered lesbians journalists, and one of them, Elisabeth Lebovici, find the name Têtu Madame, which is a joke with Madame Figaro. This is just to say that in no mean Têtu Madame was ever thought as some thing against Têtu, since it was born out of it.

Thomas Doustaly
Paris, France - Wednesday, August 31, 2005


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