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Richard Locke
(1941 - 1996) U.S.A.

Richard Locke

Gay porn star


Born in Oakland, California, Richard (the third of four children) was the son of a preacher's daughter and although he didn't consider his parents liberated he never felt a need to hide who he was from them... hence Locke never used a stage name.

Richard Locke is probably best known for his classic role of Hank the horny trucker in Joe Gage's Trilogy (Kansas City Trucking Co., El Paso Wrecking Co. and LA. Tool & Die). Equipped with a strong earthy masculinity Richard's image is just as sexy now as it was in the mid 1970's. He had men mesmerized with his salt and pepper chinstrap beard, low rumbling voice and deep penetrating stare.

Richard LockeRichard's first role was a cop in Jim West's Dreamers, which Joe Gage saw and immediately wanted Richard for his Trilogy. The only problem was Joe couldn't find Richard who by this time was living out in the middle of the Californian desert (in a geodesic dome structure he built himself). Richard felt cities were full of disease due to over-population, a problem he considered paramount to modern society, so off he went to the desert.

Gage did eventually find Locke and the rest is cinematic history. Locke always felt he was performing (whether in videos or in live shows) for those guys that found themselves stuck in places like... Ypsilanti, Michigan. Places nobody's ever heard of where being gay could be very lonely and isolating.

Locke thought of himself more of a voyeur than an exhibitionist often putting himself in the place of the audience thinking to himself "If I were watching this what would I want to see". When the AIDS epidemic came on the scene Richard became an adamant activists demanding that gay men take control of their health. He adapted his shows to revolve around the very safe practice of jerking off. They were immensely popular.

He died of AIDS related complications.


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