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Charles Alexander Loeser
(1864 - 1928) U.S.A.

Charles Loeser



Loeser was one of the first collectors to value the work of the French impressionist Paul Cézanne. He bought fifteen of Cézanne's paintings and kept them in his home. The collection of masterpieces by the 'father of modern painting' was not, however, displayed in the Great Hall of the Villa. They were hung in Loeser's dressing room and bedroom and shown only to visitors who, in Loeser's opinion, could appreciate the inventive genius of Cèzanne's vision.

One famous guest at the villa was Winston Churchill. Perhaps because he was a talented amateur landscape painter, Churchill was shown the Cézannes. To Loeser's surprise the English statesman was not at all impressed by what he was shown! Loeser's collection can now be viewed in the 'Cézanne a Firenze' exhibition in the Palazzo Strozzi. If you visit the exhibition look out for two masterpieces that once decorated the walls of the villa: 'House on the Marne' (1888) and 'Bathers' (1875).


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