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Robert McAlmon
(1896 - 1956) U.S.A.

Robert McAlmon

Writer, and publisher


Born in Clifton, Kansas, McAlmon's is a homosexual expatriate. He moved to London and later to Paris in 1921. In Londn McAlmon entered a marriage of convenience with the lesbian writer Annie Winifried Ellerman (called Bryer).

His books, published mainly in France, made him a spokesman of the postwar nihilistic pessimists of the "lost generation". His poems in free verse were published in Explorations (1921), The Portrait of a Generation (1926), North America, Continent of Conjecture (1929), and Not Alone Lost (1937).

Village: As It Happened Through a Fifteen Year Period (1924) is a group of impressionistic sketches showing the repressive effect of an American village on its youth, in the manner of Anderson's Winesburg, Ohaio.

Being Geniuses Together (1938) is his autobiography, extended (1968) by Kay Boyle, who interspersed chapters of her own collection. McAlmon and the Lost Generation (1962) is a self-portrait created by Robert E. Knoll from autobiographical fragments.

McAlmon did not acknowledge his own homosexuality, although he explored homoerotic relationships in various short stories and novels. But one of his partners, John Glassco, with whom he had a relationship between 1927 and 1929, wrote about their relationship in his Memoirs of Montparnasse.

McAlmon returned to America in 1940, and later died almost unknown.


Source: excerpts from: Gabriele Griffin, Who's Who in Lesbian and Gay and Writing, Routledge, London, 2002 - et alii

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