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Shaun McCarron
(1982 - living) U.S.A.

Shaun McCarron



Shaun was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana where he attended an all boys Catholic high school. He moved to Hattiesburg, MS for college where he attended the University of Southern Mississippi. After a year of school there, Shaun returned to New Orleans to go to school closer to his parents.

During that same time, Shaun met a guy who lived in Florida. After dating for some time, he moved to Orlando to be with him. He enrolled in college at the University of Central Florida. They broke up, but Shaun remained in Florida in school where he met Paul Anderson. Shaun completed his BA at UCF.

Paul: I was working at a gym here in Orlando. I'd see Shaun come in and - this will probably get me in trouble - I went into the database and jotted down his information. I stayed away because I knew he had a boyfriend... but as it turned out, Shaun decided to chase me. And he was persistent!

Shaun: I was writing Paul love letters and putting them on his car.

Paul: I couldn't get away from him! My mom was visiting - she didn't know I was gay at the time - and we went to the restaurant Shaun was working at. He paid for the entire meal. Mom was like, "Oh, what a nice man."

Shaun: Paul used to have to tell his mom he was leaving to go help his "straight" friend Shaun who was having girlfriend problems... and he might be gone all night. She knows now, but when she'd come to visit after we first started living together, we had to de-gay the house and move one of us into the guest bedroom.

Shaun & PaulHe returned to New Orleans often to see his parents and family who were severely affected by Hurricane Katrina. When the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency went calling for Paul Anderson and Shaun McCarron to join the firm, the three-year-strong couple said they came as a package deal - or not at all. Thankfully for them Janice and company said yes.

Both 25 in 2007, Paul (the blond) and Shaun (the brunette) have become its newest breakout stars, yet remain firmly grounded and incredibly humble. In their first interview together, they share their behind-the-scenes stories and how their gym routines developed far more than just abs of steel.


Website: http://www.shaunandpaul.com/

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