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Iain MacDonald
(1953 - living) Scotland

Hector MacDonald



Iain was born in Dundee, Scotland, where his father Norman was one of the youngest elders of the Church of Scotland. Iain moved with his parents to England in 1958 and, after a conventional church upbringing, eventually became actively involved in the life of the United Reformed Church - as organist, leader of youth services and member of various committees.

He met his partner Ken, a mathematician, in 1975 and they later became foster-carers, caring for troubled teenagers (ten in total), an experience which changed their lives in many ways!

In 1983, Iain was ordained an elder of the church. Having joined the Gay (later Lesbian and Gay) Christian Movement in 1976, he was the founder-convener of the United Reformed Church Caucus of LGCM and participated in the agonised debates about sexuality in which the denomination indulged during the 1980s and 1990s.

In 1993, Iain felt that a more active participation in formal ministry beckoned and applied to train for ordination in the URC. So began a process which resulted in rejection in the summer of 1994, purely on the grounds of sexuality.

The letter containing the news included the immortal words that the relevant committee was "fully convinced of your call to the ministry of word and sacrament and is very happy to accept you as a suitable candidate for training" but were unable to recommend this course "as General Assembly has not debated the matter"!

In other words, the committee considered that God was calling Iain to ministry but the church didn't agree... This came as a great surprise to many who thought of the URC as a liberal denomination. Iain was encouraged to appeal against the decision and the appeal was heard (in closed session) before 400 members of Synod at the City Temple, London in October, 1994.

The appeal was successful and Iain began (the next day) a four-year course at Mansfield College, Oxford during which he gained a Bachelor of Theology degree and much encouragement (not to say inspiration) from individuals and congregations. At the end of this period, though, sadly no church could be found to accept Iain as its minister and, after three years of frustration and disappointment during which six churches turned him down, he withdrew from the process.

It is a matter of great sadness to Iain that he no longer feels able to play an active role in the church which nurtured him and that the church is now the only place where he continues to experiences rejection.

On the other hand, Iain is pleased to see 'out' lesbian and gay ministers actively engaged in the life of the United Reformed Church and hopes that he played a part in laying the groundwork for that ministry even though he was destined not to be ordained himself. He now lives contentedly in Devon with Ken, partners now for thirty years, and preaches occasionally at those churches which are prepared to risk inviting him.


Source: The LGBT Religious Archives Network - http://www.lgbtran.org/Pioneers.asp

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