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Paul J. MacDonald
(? - living) Canada

Paul MacDonald



Founding member of The Body Politic collective, who developed a community page, Paul was, with Charlie Dobie, one of only two people in the group who had ever worked on a paper. Paul's experience was a bit more apt: he'd been with the London Gay Liberation Front, helping produce Come Together. He was back in Toronto by the summer of 1971, a founding member of Toronto Gay Action.

Paul was a very big man - fat, to put it bluntly; even in those counter-cultural days, when discrimination based on physical appearance was a high political crime, he got called rude names behind his back. His demeanor was often intense, his wardrobe a mark of Third World solidarity. A later collective member would say Paul "looked the part of a desperate radical."

He would stay with the paper until the fall of 1974, leaving not disaffected, he said, simply too busy running his own audio business. Paul can be found today at Bay Bloor Radio, audio there quite high end and Paul in a suit, not an orange dashiki.


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