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Shaun McGill
(1961 - March 23, 1992) Canada

Shaun McGill

Figure skater


Shaun McGill, the son of Joseph and Kathleen McGill, grew up in Mississauga, Ontario and started skating at the age of eight. He soon began train at Toronto Cricket, Skating and Curling Club. An artist among athletes, he made his first big splash at the national level as a skater when he finished second in the novice men's event at the 1978 Canadian Championships in Victoria, British Columbia.

That autumn, he moved up to the junior ranks, finishing second at the Central Ontario Sectionals on his way to a third place finish in the junior men's event at the 1979 Canadian Championships. He remained in the junior ranks until 1981, when at the age of nineteen he finished second behind Neil Paterson at the Canadian Championships.

In 1982, McGill moved up to the senior ranks, placing third at the Eastern Divisionals in Montreal and winning the Central Ontario Sectionals in 1983. However, in an age of Canadian men's skating when difficult triple jumps were becoming increasingly more valued than musical sensibility, he made the decision to join the professional ranks and tour with John Curry's company.

McGill left the company and in 1985, he joined fellow Canadians Gary Beacom, Gia Guddat and Kelly Johnston and John Thomas, touring Austria, England and Canada with legendary ice dancers Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean. He was rewarded with a bluesy solo act in the Briton star's 1986 Canadian tour.

Just as his professional career was starting to really take off, in 1989 at the age of twenty seven he was told that he was HIV positive. Regis Gagnon, 32, a program adviser at the Ontario Ministry of Health, lived with McGill in Toronto for four years prior to McGill's death. Gagnon claims McGill did some of his finest choreography and skating after his condition was diagnosed.

Only when McGill grew too weak to skate did he stop performing. McGill passed away at the age of thirty.


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