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Albert McLeod
(? - living) Canada

Albert McLeod

AIDS activist


Program coordinator for the Aboriginal AIDS Task Force, Albert is alive and well in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He is currently a policy analyst for Manitoba Health Department.

"Historically, aboriginal people have a world view and anything that's introduced has to be evaluated from their perspective... In the western model, there's an ethnocentricity that assumes everybody has had the same Canadian experience: hish school, university, a basic knowledge of biology and science works. A lot of aboriginal people may leave school early or there is no school and their understnading of biology and viruses is very limited. We are introducing an invisible part of our world and saying to people, 'This could effect you'"


Source: photo and quote: King, I. Aboriginal AIDS Group Keeps Hope Alive, "Swerve", June 1995, p.6

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