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Anthony McNaughton
(? - January 29, 2000) Canada

Anthony McNaughton



Manager of a downtown Vancouver Starbucks, McNaughton died behind the counter of his coffee shop when he stepped in front of a female employee being attacked by her knife-wielding estranged husband. Naughton was an ordinary man who gave his life to save another human being. Media across the country hailed his heroism. Politicians rushed to give him posthumous awards of bravery.

But McNaughton's children were not seen weeping on television, nor was his grieving wife heard saying how much she would miss him. McNaughton was an openly gay man. Reporters covering the story talked to Allen Sawkins, his lover of 12 years, but failed to mention his relationship with McNaughton, which led his partner to refuse any further interviews. After that, reporters interviewed McNaughton's Starbucks co-workers, as well as friends from a Buddhist society to which he belonged.

Immediately after his death, the Globe and Mail suggested that McNaughton was living with a same-sex partner. A week later, the Vancouver Sun religion reporter Douglas Todd wrote a story on McNaughton's devotion to Buddhism in which he mentioned the non-discriminatory nature of that religion towards homosexuality and McNaughton's involvement in Pride, a gay support group.


Source: Photo and article excerpts from: http://www.journalism.ubc.ca/thunderbird/2000/march/out.html

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