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Edward John Baptista das Neves MacRae
(1946 - living) Brazil

Edward MacRae

Writer, anthropologist


Born in 1946 in Sao Paulo to a Scottish father and Brazilian mother. He was raised in Great Britain where he graduated in Social Psychology from the University of Sussex and received a master’s degree in Sociology of Latin America in the University of Essex. Back in Brazil, he studied anthropology in Unicamp and USP, where he finished the doctoral program in 1986 with the dissertation “The militant homosexual in post-dictatorship Brazil.”

Since then he has researched the topic of drugs, initially working for the Institute of Social Medicine and Criminology of the state of Sao Paulo –IMESC and in the Program for Orientation and Attendance of Drug-dependencies –PROAD/EPM. He was a member of the Sao Paulo State Narcotics Council. He is currently living in Salvador where he teaches anthropology in the Federal University of Bahia and is a researcher associated to the Center for Drug Abuse Studies and Therapy –CETAD/UFBA.

There, he delivers post-graduate courses on topics related to the social anthropology of drugs. He is currently a representative of the Ministry of Culture on the National Anti-Drugs Council –CONAD and member of the Scientific-Technical Advisory Chamber of the CONAD. He has written books on sexuality, social movements, and the socially integrated use of psychoactive substances and harm reduction associated to the use of drugs.


Source: http://www.neip.info/

His work include:

  • Guiado por la Luna- Shamanismo y uso ritual de la ayahuasca en el culto de Santo Daime (1992)
  • El Santo Daime y la Espiritualidad Brasileña (2000)
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