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Muhammad al-Amin
(April 787 - 27 September 813) Iraq

Muhammad al-Amin

Khalif of Baghdad


Muhammad ibn Harun al-Amin (al-Amin = the trustworthy), who ruled 809-813, gave himself over wholly to pleasure with his eunuchs, to the extent that it became a major scandal, first in the capital city, and later throughout the empire. His mother Zubayda, sought to wean him from his young eunuchs, selecting some gifted and attracting maidens and dressed them up in the elegant costume of page boys. Amin was amused with the sight, and some of these girls shared his attentions together with his eunuchs.

Al-Amin organized his eunuch pages in two groups, one of black boys whom he called "The Ravens", and a group of white ones whom he called "The Grasshoppers". Amongst them, he had a favorite, the eunuch Kauthar. When al-Amin attemped to flee the siege of Baghdad in 813, he was accompanied by his faithful lover, Kauthar, who died with him.

When Tahir conqueredthe city, al-Amin sought to negotiate safe passage out. Tahir reluctantly agreed on the condition al-Amin turn over his sceptre, seal and other signs of being caliph. Al-Amin tried to leave on a boat, apparently with these indications he was caliph. He rejected warnings he should wait. Tahir noticed the boat. Al-Amin was thrown into the water, swam to shore, was captured and brought to a room where he was executed. He was 26 years old.

His head was placed on the Anbar Gate. Al-Tabari (v. 31 pp. 197-202) quotes Tahir's letter to al-Ma'mun informing that caliph of al-Amin's capture and execution and the state of peace resulting in Baghdad.


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