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Stephen O. Murray
(1950 - living) U.S.A.

Stephen O. Murray



Stephen O. Murray grew up in rural Minnesota, bounced from Michigan State University to the University of Arizona to the University of Toronto (with a Ph.D. in sociology) to the University of California at Berkeley (postdoctoral training in anthropology).

After completing his postdoctoral fellowship in linguistic anthropology at Berkeley, he balked at leaving San Francisco, and has lived more or less happily ever after in Sodom-by-the-Bay with his scientist partner, Keelung Hong. Stephen has more than a decade's experience in public health management and information system design and implementation. He has conducted ethnographic fieldwork in Canada and many other countries.

The author of thirteen books, including Angkor Life, Homosexualities and American Sociolinguistics, he would have starved long ago on his royalties, and has made a living as a consultant to county health departments. He doesn't love bureaucracies, but it is there inflexibility that provides niches for free-wheeling consultants.


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