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Peter Sinn Nachtrieb
(1974 - living) U.S.A.

Peter Nachtrieb

Actor, playwright, director


Peter was born in San Francisco. He attended Montessori School which he enjoyed but had an unhappy time at middle school where he was bullied. He found comfort through acting in musicals - he played in "Wizard of Oz" (as the Tin Man) and in "Annie" and "Oliver".

He attended Marin Academy where he was accepted and began acting in straight plays. At Brown University he studied Biology and carried on with his acting. It was whilst performing in "West Side Story" he realised that he was gay - he was playing Riff and the rest of his gang the Jets were all gay guys.

He started writing and had an internship in Panama observing fish spawn. It seems likely that it was during this trip he acquired an amoeba that caused liver problems for many years. His plays won various awards over the years. Such as the San Francisco State Jim Highsmith Award 2003.

Peter is 6' 6" tall and lives in the Mission district of San Francisco with his boyfriend Mark. Asked in an interview "what thing in your house could you not live without?" he replied "My boyfriend".


Source: entry kindly sent by Raymond Port

His plays include:

  • Amorphous Blob 1998
  • Self Help 2000
  • Multiplex 2003
  • Meaningless 2004
  • Colorado 2004
  • Hunter Gatherers 2005
Web Site: www.peternachtrieb.com
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