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Judy Nelson
(? - living) U.S.A.

Judy Nelson

Entrepreneur, broadcaster


Judy Nelson, born and raised in Texas and the epitome of the "Southern Belle" - tall, statuesque, and blond, beautiful and articulate - left her husband to live with Navratilova. After spending eight years of marital bliss with her partner, Martina, in 1991 Judy and Martina broke up. This rift resulted in Judy bringing suit against Martina for breaking their partnership agreement, and for palimony. As the two headed for trial, a settlement was reached out of court.

Judy tells the how and why along with details of a very real and special romance in her number one best seller Love Match: Nelson vs. Navratilova. Judy's recent autobiography, Choices, tells of her life after Martina, the resultant publicity, and her new career with the Ford model agency. Judy is also a monthly columnist for the Lesbian News.

In 1992 she began a relationship with another American lesbian author, Rita Mae Brown of Virginia. Rita Mae had also dated Martina Navratilova back in 1979.


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